Exam Week Stress

Filling in bubble testExam week is about to begin for the Summer semester, and that means lots of the three Ss: studying, stressing, and sleeping (this last one is most likely only to occur at the end of Exam Week).

There have been many studies over the years that point to exercise as a great stress-relieving activity.

Luckily, Toronto has a wide range of activities to help relieve any exam stress. One of the best ways to exercise, and see Toronto at the same time is to try a Discovery Walk, a free self-guided walking tour around Toronto’s various sites.

For those who prefer bumper cars and deep-fried Coca-Cola or deep-fried Mars bars as stress relief, the CNE conveniently opens August 16th, and runs until September 2nd. It might just be a good idea to try one of those Discovery Walks first.

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